Payments are to be made upfront at reception before seeing the Physiotherapist.We charge payment calculated based on the US dollar rate for the month. The same applies to package purchases. We accept payment in either Ugandan Shillings or American Dollars.

Cancellation Policy: First cancellation - no charge, 2nd appointment rebook requires an advanced payment. Should you still need to reschedule - the paid session will be charged as an appointm
ent. The same is true for package purchased appointment, should you require a 2 nd cancellation – that will be considered a used appointment.

Charges: We will charge payment in Uganda Shillings calculated based on the US dollar rate for the month. The same will apply to package purchases. 

Appointment time slots will be as follows:   
        Initial Assessment - 45 mins    
        Acupuncture/ Cupping - 30 mins
        Follow Up - 30mins

We maintain a grace period of 10 minutes per appointment. Should the patient be later than10 minutes, it will be Managements’ discretion whether the client can/ will be seen. If the patient chooses to remain with the appointment, they will be charged for the full appointment.

Please note that the 10 mins are part of your scheduled appointment time

If letters/ forms need to be filled in, please allow 3-5 working days.

HMPL team will not discuss client information with any other party without respective client permission.

Payments to be made by cash only. All other payment options need to be discussed with Management. If Airtel money is to be used, any transaction cost will be at the expense of the client.

Please ensure you have clarified the charge and time frame for your appointment so as to prevent confusion on the day of the appointment.

We run a late clinic EVERY THURSDAY until 7.30 p.m.

Should you have any queries/ require further clarification – Please contact Management via email on
[email protected]